Since 2008, we have processed thousands of governance evaluations for our clients. We provide the industry's most cost-effective solutions, with annual organization-wide subscriptions specifically tailored for non-profit and for-profit entities.


Our Process

BoardEvals is a web-based board evaluation tool that helps public, private and nonprofit organizations perform more efficient, effective and thorough board evaluations. BoardEvals replaces the ad-hoc, manual board assessment processes used by most organizations today with a standardized, automated board evaluation process that saves time and expenses, while at the same time improving corporate governance practices.

BoardEvals saves time and money by automating the entire board evaluation process, from initial data collection all the way through back-end data analysis and reporting. BoardEvals improves the effectiveness of a board evaluation by instituting a standardized process based on current “best practices” as defined by leading corporate governance authorities. Finally, BoardEvals enables a more thorough board evaluation by incorporating the full range of board evaluation activities, including board self-assessment, committee self-assessment, and 360 degree evaluations of individual board members.

BoardEvals also helps companies analyze the results of their board evaluation and take corrective actions, improving overall corporate governance. BoardEvals performs real-time analysis on collected data, and then communicates the results using both on-screen and printable graphical reports. In addition to providing immediate, visual feedback on the evaluation results, BoardEvals also enables users to analyze the data across a number of different dimensions, including overall board performance, committee performance, and individual board member performance. Finally, as more board evaluation data is collected, BoardEvals will enable companies to benchmark their performance against that of other companies across any of the board evaluation and board assessment categories.

“We’ve been doing our annual evaluations on paper and then having someone manually analyze the results and produce reports. Your system has eliminated all of that work. On top of that it’s faster, more secure and much less costly compared to our old process.”
— Director, NYSE listed company - BoardEvals Client