Enhancing Corporate and Non-Profit Governance


BoardEvals provides web-based evaluation tools that help organizations perform more efficient, effective and thorough board evaluations and risk assessments. BoardEvals replaces the ad-hoc, manual processes used by most organizations today with standardized, automated evaluation processes that save time and expenses, while at the same time improving corporate governance practices.

BoardEvals provides the industry’s most cost-effective solutions, with annual organization-wide subscriptions specifically tailored for nonprofit organizations and for-profit corporations. These subscriptions include unlimited use of a full suite of evaluations designed to improve the performance of your board and overall organization. Per-use licenses are also available. Contact us for a quote.


“Director accountability is very important, but tools to ensure this have not been refined, A tool like BoardEvals - that can drive board accountability at a more reasonable cost than existing solutions - is extremely valuable.”
— Director, NYSE Listed Company - BoardEvals Client